Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Blackjack – just the mention of the word gets a casino lover’s pulse racing. From the vaulted halls of Las Vegas and Atlantic City to international resorts and cruise ships sailing the seas, if you find a table where people are waiting for an empty seat, someone is dealing blackjack. And while we can’t actually put you at the table, will make it feel like you’re sitting there. So get ready – here comes the shoe.

This site is geared towards helping readers understand the ins and outs of blackjack. So we’ll concentrate on how live dealer blackjack works, and review some of the sites where you can find online blackjack with a live dealer. We’ll answer the questions most often asked regarding this unique online gaming experience, and discuss the requirements for enjoying live dealer blackjack.

What Is Live-Dealer Blackjack?

Live dealer blackjack is an internet-based, real-time live casino game which uses strategically-placed webcams to allow the visitor to watch and play the game while it’s happening. You’ll see your cards as they emerge from the dealer’s hand. You’ll analyze your chances, make your bet, hit or stand – and watch as the dealer’s cards are exposed.

Win or lose, it really is the next best thing to being there. And here at, we’ll introduce you to one of the most exciting online gambling experiences you will ever enjoy.

How Do Live Dealer Blackjack Games Work?

Essentially, if you’ve ever played blackjack in the casino, you already know how it works. The only difference between physically being at the table and playing online is the manner in which you respond as the cards fall. So select a seat, determine your chip value, and get ready for the deal.

As the cards are dealt, you’ll see it in real time. You’ll place your bets, ask for more cards and signal your stand all via simple prompts. Just as in a brick and mortar-based game, the game progresses through seats one to seven – all of which, you can be assured, will usually be filled.

Online Casinos That Have Live Blackjack Games

There a quite a few online sites where U.S. citizens can find a live dealer blackjack game in progress. Since popularity of this type of legal, internet-based gambling is growing rapidly, some tables may be filled. But that growing popularity will only lead to more sites offering live dealer blackjack.

Several factors will serve to set some of these sites apart from others, for better or worse. Software choice, technology, graphics and of course, the people involved, all serve to make your live dealer blackjack session unforgettable.

5Dimes Casino - All Players At Least 18 Years Old Can Play Here

Any place that holds the door open for you, greets you by name and demonstrates that everything they do is done with your comfort and enjoyment in mind is demonstrating a strong desire to have you come back again and again. This is exactly what you can expect when you visit 5Dimes Casino for a lively round of live dealer blackjack.

This is not 5Dimes first foray into the real-time gaming arena. After several years powering their live format through software provided by Global Gaming Labs, 5Dimes closed its live virtual doors for a complete renovation. Visionary iGames live dealers were added to enhance the, “I’m really here” experience, and a new philosophy of upscale service accompanies the improvements. Since the new format under ViG is browser based, players can enjoy live dealer blackjack without downloading software that can serve to slow up computers.

It becomes clear that the remodeling was a success as soon as you begin to play live blackjack at 5Dimes. The online environment is so reminiscent of an actual casino you may be surprised when you look up and realize you’re still on your couch. Everyone, from the dealer to the pit bosses to is standing by to answer your questions and make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

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More About Playing Live Online Blackjack

We’ll always be on top of the live dealer trend, and you can check back anytime for updates on all the latest sites, games and important information. When you have questions, and we’re sure you will, will provide the answers.

Some questions always apply, so we’ll cover some of the basics right now. This will help you anticipate what you can expect each time you look for a good live blackjack game online.

Is Live Dealer Online Blackjack Legal?

Well, considering the numbers of people in the U.S. and around the world playing live dealer blackjack, it better be. Keep in mind that both the “Wire Act” and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act have both been ruled to specifically apply only to sports betting. Thus the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act is the only applicable federal regulation, and its wording makes it an issue only for financial institutions, not for players – so yes, live dealer blackjack is legal.

Are Online Casinos With Live Blackjack Safe To Use

There is a subtle difference here, so the question is valid. If the web-based casino were based within U.S. borders, U.S. citizens would be forbidden to play under federal law. But since the sites we recommend, like Costa Rica-based 5Dimes, are based outside the U.S., they are regulated only by the laws of the countries in which they operate.

What Happens If The Dealer Makes A Mistake?

Live dealer blackjack games involve real people, unlike games like online slots or roulette. As such, they are more vulnerable to mistakes. Quality sites like 5Dimes recognize this and will void a hand, with no loss to the player, in the event of a misdeal, which sometimes happens at the best casinos, or technical problem, which happens on site or online.

What Are The System Requirements To Play Live-Dealer Blackjack?

Depending on the site you’re visiting, as discussed, you might be required to download software to play. Those products are, in the vast majority of cases, compatible with Mac’s or PC’s, but some are simply better than others. Sites like 5Dimes, where the game is browser-based, create a fun online gaming experience without the security concerns and browser speed problems associated with downloads.

How Old Do I Need To Be To Play Live Black Jack Online?

While some sites may have more stringent requirements, the majority of locations where legal live dealer blackjack is offered require players to be eighteen or older.

Can I Play Live Blackjack For Free?

Many sites, including 5Dimes, allow and in fact, encourage you to enjoy the game without placing a bet. It’s a way for you to learn how things actually work, and it’s a way for the casino to stimulate you to keep coming back.

Wave of the future, or Tomorrow's Fad?

Internet trends, gambling-based or not, can fade as fast as they explode on the market. We’ve seen products, ideas and inventions, touted as indispensable, disappear as soon as something else appeared to distract us or wow us.

For fans of legal, safe, online gaming, though, is betting that, due to the fact that blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world, and that many U.S. citizens are familiar with the rules, the odds, and the inherent fun involved, live dealer blackjack is a winner. This game, and the sites that make it easy and exciting, will be around for a long time.